Dotepl Jamguri Tea Estate


Jamguri is spread south of the mighty Brahmaputra river in the Golaghat region, famed as the quality belt of Assam. The expanse of Jamguri is dotted by ‘Teelas’, little hillocks and the ‘Hullas’, meandering canals which nourish the garden with life giving water. ‘Jamguri’ in the local language is ‘land of the Jamun tree’, the evergreen tree that sprouts the sweet-astringent purple fruit. Laced by the Kaziranga National Park to its west, Jamguri is an integral part of the heritage of the region. In these calm surroundings, the robust tea bushes thrive to produce its organic and bio dynamic crop. Jamguri is well known for its strong malty CTCs and the fullbodied orthodox teas.

Founded on 12th March 1898, the estate was originally known as Nagora